Galaxy Rose

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Material: Gold Leaf

Size: 24cm

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Galaxy rose flower

Do you want a rose flower that can stay in your home? in front of your eyes for your entire life? You want to keep them, but it is not possible, right?

Galaxy rose flowers have sparkling petals with gold plated stems and attractive colors combination. It can fascinate anyone or everyone. You can show your affection for your loved ones, with a galaxy rose forever flower. In the future, you would choose galaxy rose flowers. Instead of natural rose flowers, you can buy galaxy rose flowers. And you will buy it after knowing more about this masterpiece.

How many times have you thrown the bouquet in a dustbin? Many times, right? You might have received it from your loved ones, but how long can we keep the bouquet with dried roses?

Let me tell you a Lil story. On my last birthday, I got many presents for my family, friends, and relatives. I also received a rose bouquet from my friend. I loved that very much. The fresh roses with a delightful fragrance took my heart. After a few days, roses got dried. The petals seemed like burnt paper. And dull flowers lose their beauty and attractiveness. I had to throw them, but deep down I didn’t want to. Those flowers were showing her love for me. But, anyhow, I had to throw them. It’s not just me, but you all can relate to this situation.

Rose has always been a symbol of manifesting love and affection for someone. The galaxy rose flower is a perfect gift for every occasion. You can use it as a gift. It is best for every occasion. Whether it is an anniversary, wedding, birthday party, Valentine’s Day, etc. it is perfect for all.
This rose flower can grab anyone’s attention at first glance. It will make you fall in love with it.

What is the galaxy rose flower made of?

The galaxy rose flower comes in a decent packaging, in a box, with gold rose flowers, and a gift pack. You can have this galaxy rose flower at your doorstep with convenient shipping.

This rose flower’s size is about 24 x 7 cm, and it is about 15.4 ounces in weight. It can fit in any corner and any place in your home.

The galaxy rose flower has sparkling petals with a beautiful gold-like stem. The rose petals are made of high-quality holographic material. Professionals handcrafted each petal elegantly to give it a natural flower look.

The stem has a coating of 24k gold that adds more value to its beauty. Also, the leaves are gold plated and created with precise specifications. Every petal and leaf is created with distinctive specifications that make it look like a natural rose flower.

Tiny sparkling LED lights

To protect this gift rose flower, you can place it in a dome. It will stay and look like a new freshly-made rose flower. The small LED strip lights make it more charming, especially at night. Inside the dome, the tiny bulbs lit up to visualize and brighten up the flower.

It creates a soothing environment and makes you feel good. It keeps reminding you about your beloved (the one who gifted the rose)

It requires 3x batteries to keep the lights sparkling all the time.

Best of all, it will stay near you, for your whole life. This enchanted flower is made for eternity. Its beauty would never fade away over time.

Galaxy rose with a stand

To give extra support and add more value to its beauty, you can have this flower with a stand. The stand will have the word “love” written on it beautifully. It is better to buy this item with a stand, with the word LOVE, if you are going to buy it as a gift.

Doses of Galaxy rose as a decoration piece

Flowers are not just a symbol of love; they add more value to the beauty and also create a sound impression on the human mind. A study shows that flowers release stress.

You use the doses of galaxy rose flowers as a decoration piece in your home. It can create a good impact on your mental health. It will produce a soothing influence.

You can place it in a living room, bedroom, or anywhere else you want it to be.

Perfect gift for all!

These rose galaxy flowers are made to be used as a gift. People around the world are switching to galaxy flowers from natural flowers (arranged in a bouquet). The reason behind that is it lasts forever, and its beauty never fades away; it will always remain a center of attention all the time.

For anniversaries

Celebrating the years of togetherness requires special efforts. When you are celebrating an anniversary with your partner, you can bring a smile on his/her face by wishing them a “Happy anniversary”, with an enchanting galaxy 24k gold rose flower, to make the moment more special.

It will stay the same for the entire life. It will make your partner feel special whenever they will put a glimpse on it.

For birthday

Deciding a birthday gift has been a headache for me. But the flowers are always a good option. You can also use flowers as a gift. A bouquet of enchanted yellow rose flowers can be the centerpiece for a birthday party. The leaves and petals would get dry, right.

So, you can replace yellow flowers with a galaxy 24k gold rose flowers. It is always a good option for grabbing attention and having someone’s heart set on.

For valentine’s day

We know that red roses have become the ultimate symbol of showing affection. Especially on occasions like Valentine’s Day. You can give it to your loved ones, a red galaxy rose flower. It will stay with them because it lasts forever. You will not forget your first proposal. This forever masterpiece (galaxy rose flower) will jog your memory whenever you will see this.


· Weight is 15.4 ounces

· 25 cm long and 8.5 cm wide

· Petals are made of high-quality holographic material

· The stem is gold plated

· Leaves are gold plated

· Available in hot pink, multi and white color

· Use it as a gift or decoration piece

· Tiny LED lights for brightening up flower

· 3x batteries to light the bulbs

· Dome for protection

Get your galaxy rose flower now!

Well, after a complete description, you must want to buy it, or at least try it once. You can get your galaxy rose flowers with a dome, tiny LED lights, packed decently in a gift bag.

This item can be shipped anywhere around the world. You can have your rose flower at your doorstep. So, don’t miss out and acquire your dose of roses now. Buy the galaxy 24k gold rose flower now!

This item can last forever. It does not get old over time. It will remain beautiful, charming, and attractive for your entire life. So, you are getting a life-time guarantee on this product.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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