The perfect REPLACEMENT of roses and bouquets

Did you know one interesting fact about an enchanted rose flower? Nay? Have you ever seen a rainbow rose?

If you cut a rose stem 4x vertically, and soak each part in the different colored dye, then you will get a rainbow rose. Interesting!
Thanks to the Fibonacci sequence!

Have a look:

They look so pretty, but it takes longer to make an enchanting rainbow rose.

Almost all of us love flowers, especially rose flowers. Some people have planted in their houses, and some like to buy artificial roses to decorate their homes.

Emily is one of those crazy lovers of rose flowers. She had elegant, fresh, and fragrant roses. All were arranged beautifully in a garden. Those playful, smooth, and bright-colored roses could make anyone fall in love in a first glance. One day, she read about having DIY rainbow roses. Her love for roses triggered her. She watched a video and experimented to see how it looks in reality?

The result was completely astonishing! The enchanting rainbow-colored, magnificent, and lovely flower was in front of her eyes. And it seemed like a fairy tale scene, where a multicolored flower with a velvety texture was blooming.

She knew it would take a long time to make it. So, an idea came in her mind, “how about creating handcrafted roses?”

So, she crafted beautiful roses, decked out her living room, and gifted it to her loved ones as well. And those handcrafted roses are still placed on their shelves, creating a delightful sight.

Now, what about you? How would you make roses for you? How about having the ready-made handcrafted rose? Pretty cool!

Galaxy enchanted rose flower

So, here is the handcrafted galaxy enchanted rose. The entire set is inside the dome. The sparkling miniature bulbs (15 – 20 approx) wrap up the galaxy enchanting rose flower, in its bright glimmer.

The whole setup of a magical masterpiece

It has a pine wooden bottom for a firm grip, and you can place it anywhere easily. The dome is built of glass – that is easy to clean, with a small piece of cloth or tissue. It protects the elegant flower and tiny bulbs from damage.

The wooden base is about 11cm wide, glass dome is 9cm in width, and 21cm in height. The size is not much big, and it is not much bulky. So, you can easily move it. You can place it anywhere in the home, in any dark corner to add life to it.

The professionals handcraft the enchanting rose flowers beautifully, with fine details. They make it through frozen natural flowers. It goes through long processes, from construction to final look. However, sometimes manufacturers create the flower with polyurethane material.

The pleasantest thing about this galaxy enchanted rose is that its petals never get dried. And stem or leaves never die. The petals, stem, and leaves are created with distinct features that give it a look of natural rose flower. The stem and leaves have a 24k gold coating that gives it a premium look.

Best of all, it looks like the artificial rainbow rose flower with sparkling petals, gold-made stem, and leaves. It looks like a masterpiece of fairy tales.
However, you can easily find the variety of colors.

How to light up the galaxy rose flower dome?

Well, this question is valid, and you need 3*AAA batteries to light up the enchanted galaxy rose.

NOTE: The batteries are removable, and you can get new with ease (whenever required).

The miniature LED bulbs lighten up the inside dome and brighten up the surroundings as well. The batteries are not available in the box. And the switch is under the wooden base.

Specifications of galaxy enchanted rose

Size: 22×11.4cm/8.7×4.5inch
Power: need 3*AAA batteries (sold separately)
24k gold plating
Handcrafted flower
Available in different vivid colors
Glass dome for protection
Use as a gift or decoration piece
Pinewood base
15-20 small LED bulbs

A PERFECT GIFT for all occasions!

Deciding a gift for someone is no less than studying, the night before exams. It requires a lot of effort, but there is no match of flowers in the world.

You will hardly find a person who does not love flowers. So, what is a more perfect gift than this?

The galaxy rose enchanted flower is widely used as a gift around the world. It is highly in demand because people love it. And there is no doubt, roses have always been a symbol of love.

Whether it is natural or artificial, its importance and value remain the same, especially when it is a gift from loved ones.

You can use this flower as a gift. It is best for all occasions; birthdays, anniversaries, cultural events, religious events (Christmas, Eid, Holi, etc), or Valentine’s Day. It is available in different colors.

So, you can select the color according to the occasion and recipient. You can choose a red galaxy rose flower for valentine’s day/anniversary (for a special person). And white or pink for a birthday or other events.

The best thing is that it will stay forever with them. Unlike other rose flowers, it does not get dried. You can say it is a galaxy enchanted forever rose flower because it stays FOREVER with you.

Premium quality decoration piece

You can use this rose flower as a decor item in your bedroom, living area, or any other place. The LED lights on the flower make it more appealing at night. It astonishingly creates a pleasant scene.

Imagine having a galaxy enchanted rose in front of you; illuminating the corner with small colorful lights, and tiny bulbs wrapping up the rose gracefully and softly. The petals are sparkling and leaves reflecting a golden bright light.. giving you a pleasant sight.

What is more beautiful than this?

So, go get your galaxy enchanted rose flower today!

It is available at a very affordable rate with a lifetime guarantee! Yeah, it never gets dry or damaged (unless something bad happens around; exceptional).

These galaxy rose flowers come in decent packaging and can be shipped internationally. Buy an enchanting galaxy rose flower, ORDER NOW!

Have your galaxy enchanted rose flower at your doorstep! And let us decide whether you like the galaxy enchanted rose flower or not. But I am sure you will love it![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]